10 tips to advance in your career


Reconsider your career goals

Do a mind map or revisit the goals you set years ago, and those in the next 5 and 10 years. Rethink the question of where you want to be? and what makes inspires you to grow. Where are the current needs in your relationship and how is your job hindering or adding to the growth of them. It seems there’s always a necessary time for restructure and a rebalancing of your life, work and goals. When you realign yourself, it will benefit your level of success at the workplace.

Find and fill the gaps in your skill set

Obviously it’s useful to know your abilities and where there are holes. Find out all the options you have at your fingertips for bettering your skills. For instance, you can watch various online tutorials, learn a language, enroll for part time classes, read forums, online newsletters and blogs daily.  Be sure to budget a set amount of time, and don’t get carried away thereby detracting from your workflow.

Concentrate on your current strengths

Reevaluate your strengths so that you can continue to sharpen them and make them even more productive. It will also give you energy as you focus on the positive and areas where you are passionate.


Ask for the critiques of family and co-workers

Be willing to be corrected, put away your ego and allow for constructive criticism in order to grow in the areas where it is needed. You will benefit greatly by a little humility, and so will your company in the long run.

Always work on your communications skills as well. Watch the below clip for 3 tips.

Save money

Find ways to conserve, and promote frugality in the workplace in an effort to streamline finances and boost revenues.

Show respect and never gossip

Set the tone earlier on in your job with regards to your attitudes towards others. Be loyal to your co-workers, and avoid all gossip. Show respect to everyone, especially your customers. Never complain about others, regardless of their faults. An overall attitude of grace will be noticed and appreciated by all you come in contact with, and will help produce good benefits for everyone.

Always own up to your mistakes

Be humble and don’t point the finger when you make a mistake. Simply apologize and take full responsibility for your mistakes, otherwise you will breed tension in the office that will inevitably come back to bite you.

Praise others and make them feel important

It’s important to emphasize another’s strengths and share the credit with those whom you work, it contributes to the team building atmosphere, and certainly helps those further up the corporate ladder to appreciate you.

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