How to brand yourself for your next job


If you’re looking for a career change, or and advancement in your current job or business, you’ll need to market and promote yourself.  The first step in marketing yourself is coming up with  your personal brand. Your is all about who you are and what you want to be known for in order to procure the job you want and grow in your desired field.

In the world of modern computer technology, branding yourself for your desired work has become a much more elaborate art than it has ever been. Everyone knows what branding does for big business, such as Dunkin Donuts or Dominos, but what about you–on a personal level. How does one brand oneself? And how do you compete for employment cleverly using current technology? What is the art to branding yourself using social media and various media tools that are popular today, and how can they help the company down the street get a “sum total” of who you are and what you represent?

Branding by definition, is the process in which we market ourselves to others. It’s not just a term tossed in ad firms for promoting the latest cutting edge companies or promoting rock stars. It’s imperative that when you are interested in presenting yourself at your interview, that the interviewer has an image of who you are based on the “homework” they’ve done previous to your appointment. Not only do they peruse the package you’ve mailed or emailed them, the first thing they will inevitably do is go online and research for themselves who you are. If you’re a well-rounded and prudent business person who’s concerned about your reputation, you’ll be aware of what you’ve displayed over time online, especially in regards to all social media. Your online presence is key in securing your dream job, so don’t be a goof and plaster your Facebook with less than professional images, or at least be sure to make your accounts private before putting your name out there for employment.

For overall branding of yourself, there are a couple key steps:

  • Develop your identity, reputation or personal “tagline”
  • Market yourself – Get your identity out there for the world to see.


First, develop your personal tag line

A tagline is a quick and memorable statement that will be used to describe what you are all about and what you have to offer in a nutshell. Here are just a few pointers to get you started in brainstorming your tag line process:

You’ll need to consider the industry that you are trying to work in, your target audience and adjectives describing your line of work. What ability, product, or service do you have to offer others?

Secondly, you’ll need to give a precise summation of your personality. You will need to do a little homework on yourself and determine those qualities that describe your character traits that would appeal to your potential employers on a emotional level. Questions to consider would be: what are your core passions, values and talents? It’s important to be objective and honest when assessing this. Additionally, ask yourself the benefit someone would have who worked with you, how make make others feel, or how they would describe you from their stance. Are you easy going, fun, type A and highly organized?

Market yourself

Once you’ve come up with a tag line, you need to consider how to get your “brand” out there on the web and market yourself in such a way that is cohesive with the image that you’ve created in your tagline. You should create a logo (which is the art of making the image you’ve created in your tagline into a little visual to place on each piece of your marketing material: business cards, a blog, resume, etc. Also, it’s important to direct your social media so that it reflects your personality and skill set. Your brand should be consistent on all platforms. when you arrive at your interview, you will want to dress and present yourself in a way that is also consistent with the image you’ve advertised.

There is much to consider when branding yourself for your future career. Most of your effort will be in devising an initial foundation to then build upon. Your initial work, your foundation, is your tagline. And this will take the most honesty, thought, and hard work.

Here are some additional tips in branding yourself:



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